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Sākums/ / Piegulošs krekls ar īsām piedurknēm
Piegulošs krekls ar īsām piedurknēm
Kods 961M
Audums 75% kokvilna; 25% elastomultiesteris (LYCRA® T400® fibre)
Svars balti 125g/m²; krāsaini 130g/m²
Izmēri XS - 4XL

A unique and subtle comfort stretch from this advanced Elastomultiester Lycra® T400® fibre fabric - creating a premium shirt that stays looking crisp and sharp all day long.

  • Excellent shape retention for a lasting fit

  • Moisture management for cool comfort

  • Durable fabric

  • Fitted fit

  • Short leaf, semi cutaway collar

  • Narrow placket

  • Darts at back

  • Lycra® swing ticket

  • Suitable for 40°C wash and tumble dry (do not use fabric softeners)


Our new Ultimate Stretch Shirt is the first in the market to use the revolutionary elastomultiester (LYCRA®T400® fibre). It's a revolutionary fibre originally developed for jeans, that nobody else in this market is using. It gently stretches and recovers in every direction for a premium shirt that retains its fit, all day long.

The Ultimate Stretch Shirt is where you'd expect Russell to be - at the cutting edge of the industry. When you first put it on, the Ultimate Stretch Shirt looks pretty much like another smart business shirt. Eight hours later, though - after a day spent in meetings, in the shop or restaurant, or perhaps driving a company vehicle - the Ultimate will still look and feel great. That's the difference.

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